Violence greater than voting robbery deprives the fundamental right: Dr. Kamal


Chief of the National Unity Front and the president of the People’s Forum, complaining that the people of the country are being deprived of basic rights. Kamal Hossain says that who deprives people of their basic rights is a robber. Violence greater than voting robbery deprives you of basic rights.

He said this while addressing a press conference at the National Press Club in the capital on Tuesday, “World Human Rights Day-2019”.

Dr. Kamal said Bangladesh has become independent in exchange for the blood of millions of martyrs. And within one year, I have drafted a constitution so that people of this independent country can enjoy their rights. The people are the masters of power, so we have made their aspirations a constitution. But today there is no freedom of speech in the country. It cannot be accepted in any way.

He said that freedom of speech is recognized as a fundamental right in the constitution of Bangladesh. No one has the power to deprive it. Those who violate human rights are the culprits.

Mentioning that Bengali’s will not tolerate torture, she said that the Bengali nation is not a nation to tolerate torture. We accepted many sacrifices, and achieved such freedom through blood. Let us unite and earn our rights. To protect our fundamental rights and human rights, we need to unite and agitate.

Former minister Sheikh Shahidul Islam, barrister Moinul Hossain, former secretary and ambassador Md. Mofazzal Karim gave the keynote address.

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