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The source of love

  • Update Time : Wednesday, December 18, 2019
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The changing values, the morality reached to the bottom, the unprecedented development of science and technology and the use of it for personal gain most of the time have distracted people from the world of love and affection and into the ultimate consumerism. In the present society we have no attempt to be human, have no faith, no love, do not know the whereabouts of spiritual paths, and do not think.

Only the unselfish love of this ‘no’ kingdom can be fulfilled in virtue – the image of which Srima Sarada. The essence of her life was abundant ‘love’. Such is the case in her family life – where she is the daughter of Chandramidev or the shy wife of Paramhangsha Ramakrishnadeva, leading the responsibilities of random and final nonsense. On the other hand, the ‘mother’ of Ramakrishnan – the mother of countless monks and housewives with the Ramakrishna Parshad. At that time, her husband raised his finger from the garden house of Kashipur to Kolkata, the capital of India, and took care of the people there. Then just Kolkata why; He is the mother of millions of people in the world right now. Exclaimed, ‘Always remember, you have a mother. That mother is not a mother, not a grandmother, not a mother of words, a true mother. ‘

She adjusted her life to consolidate family life, the spiritual realm. What is not there! After completing the morning routine of cooking in Dakshineswar, cooking a meal, arranging a little ‘jiol’ fish for her husband, mother-in-law’s care; Many wise men who came to Sri Ramakrishna, very prompt people of the city of Kolkata – look after them; For young people, among them Narendranath, shepherds, sticks, foreheads – even for a while, they are dragging their heads on the floor, rubbing bread flour. Cooked peanuts. Again, she is silently praying for her own education, for the welfare of the people.

Later on in the inaugural house we saw that Thackeray’s arrangements for the devotees too, the diet of the sick devotees, cleaning him and concentrating on his work in carrying out these responsibilities. It is a task to be handled alone, and sometimes to collect flowers and send garlands to worship at Bhavatarini Temple. But did not let anyone get it. Distinguished Kolkata devotees have turned to Jayarambati to get tea and milk – Vegetables. In her own hands she cleared the adjoining paths. Relentless thoughts for everyone, not just your own family – everyone’s personal preferences – keeping in mind the dislike – what happens without so much love! After Sri Ramakrishna’s mahamadmadhi, money from Rani Rasmani’s funds was stopped. The ultimate poverty. Sarada has remained steadfast in that.

These issues of everydayness are not just true, eternal truth. And this life-style was easily transmitted to Sarda’s spiritual consciousness among devotees. The world says of this world, “Father, the great sting of the world, it is difficult to be alarmed. Eat Brahma-Vishnu khabi, man no bark! What is the diagnosis of healthy living in this world? Praying for deportation, because, ‘Maya carnality in the body, in the end it has to be cut as well. What body, mother, is not the book of one and a half ashes? – What is his pride again? ”Sarada has forever rejected the reforms that permeate our minds, the narrow religious mind that teaches us piety. He is briefly known in the atmosphere, but no one reads him in the newspapers regularly. Cultural connection with the West is happening at that time. Fans are asked to learn English. In deep philosophical wisdom, grief is as true in life as it is without sadness. Therefore, the fearless can say, ‘No one will be sad forever.’ God has said to those who have pushed people away, in their natural way, “What happens if God gains? What two horns come out? Member justice comes? Knowledge is conscious – the way things are, the way everything is. ”What a strange truth, what a word to say!

Sarada was a ‘Ramakrishna Prana’, but sometimes despite her husband’s objections, she kept many to herself. He respected those who were corrupted in their way of life for no reason at all, and did not remove them. You can say without any effort, ‘I am a mother of seventeen, mother of untruth’; ‘My Sharat (Swami Sardananda) is also a boy like this boy, this Amjad (then infamous robber, then Sarda’s devotee).’

The source of love is Sarada, and from that love she could not endure the suffering of the girls. Domormani has been restrained by her husband’s persecution. In the father’s house (Kalimamar) brother’s sons have been hard at marrying young. If the girls do not have economic freedom, the trouble will not go away, and the education that is necessary for them is urgently required to send unmarried girls from North Kolkata to Nivedita School. He advised the teachers of the monastery to teach English not just the girls but the saints. Upon hearing about the life-threatening conditions of President Wilson’s fourteenth condition of peacekeeping after the First World War, Saradha, who was a bookkeeper, remarked, “All that they said was memorable. World War II in a few days showed that what is not in the heart.

At the root of all of Sarda’s wisdom was wisdom, love. Therefore, from the emotional turmoil that consumed people today, the abuser of misogyny and falsehood said, “The mind is a dead elephant, controlling it is the religion of life.”

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