Sheikh Hasina inaugurates AwamiLeague Council: Going forward


Awami League President Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said, “The main goal of Bangabandhu is to make Bangladesh independent. Our only goal now is to move forward, to work for the emancipation of people.

Sheikh Hasina said this while inaugurating the two-day National Council of Awami League on Saturday. At the 21st Tri-National National Conference of the country’s oldest and most traditional political party, held at the historic Suhrawardy Gardens, he said that several attempts and conspiracies have been made in the last seventy years to wipe out the Awami League.

The Awami League has been hit repeatedly. How many times has the father of the nation been harassed, lied to, and executed? Yet, because he had moved forward honestly, Bengali got an independent country. So the one who can accept the sacrifice is the one who will succeed. And this is what the Awami League did the most. That’s why people got something.

Awami League President Sheikh Hasina has urged the leaders to do politics in love with the country, irrespective of their own interests. Quoting from the ‘unfinished autobiography’ of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, while highlighting the politics of party leaders, he said: “Moving on with an unscrupulous leader can result in temporary consequences. But they cannot be found during the struggle. ‘

Sheikh Hasina said this is the biggest reality. In any politician’s life, policy is the norm, and he is always ready to accept any sacrifice for that ideal. He who is ready can accept the sacrifice, he can succeed. You can give something to the country. You can give something to the nation.

Bangabandhu’s daughter said that the Awami League leaders have repeatedly sacrificed and that is the crop of the people of Bangladesh today. Today, Bangladesh is moving towards better prosperity. The father of the nation that dreamed of Bangladesh. That’s our goal. That’s what we want to do. He urged the Awami League leaders to work with the spirit of renunciation to fulfil the dream of Sonar Bangla.

He said that Yahya, Ayub Khan, Zia, Ershad, Khaleda Zia – who, while coming to power, repeatedly attacked and wiped out to wipe out and destroy the Awami League. Even though the Awami League could do some harm to it, no one could destroy or wipe out the organization, which was created by the Father of the Nation. Instead, the Awami League is now the largest and most powerful organization in the country despite all the injuries and conspiracies.

Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina, who served as the party’s president for thirty-eight years, said Bangladesh has been around for only a decade. If the Awami League is in power, the fate of the people of the country changes, the Awami League has been able to give something to the people of this country. Bangladesh is moving forward, going forward today. We are working to bring economic liberation to the people of the country. Nobody else can play with the fate of the people of the country. The fate of the people of the country changes only when the Awami League is in power.

Awami League has been able to give something to the people of this country. In keeping with the ideology that the Father of the Nation has established, we will build a golden Bangla of Bangabandhu free from hunger-poverty along with the economic liberation of the people of the country.

Earlier, Awami League President Sheikh Hasina attended the meeting at 3 pm. The council was then inaugurated in a festive atmosphere. The Awami League president raised the national flag and general secretary Obaidul Quader’s flag through the gathering.

Alongside the stage, the Awami League’s district and metropolitan committee chairmen and general secretaries hoisted party and national flags. After the flag was lifted, Awami League president, general secretary and district-metropolitan committee president and general secretary blue balloons and symbols of peace. Then the Awami League president and the general secretary took to the stage. At this time, he shook hands and greeted the leaders.

After taking the Prime Minister’s seat, the cultural program began. The concert begins with ‘Mujibur’, another name for 70 million people. There is pleasing choreography done. Then dance the rhythm of several patriotic songs including ‘Hindus of Bengal, Buddhists of Bengal, Muslims of Bengal’, ‘Joy of Bengal Bangla Joy’, language movement on the digital screen, history and heritage of Bangladesh and Awami League with great liberation war and development and success of the present government. Is highlighted. Awami League Cultural Secretary Asim Kumar Advocate presented the program at a cultural event held for 3.5 pm.

The council’s main session began at 3.52 pm. Awami League publicity and publishing secretary and information minister. Hasan Mahmud and Aminul Islam Amin, deputy publicity and publishing editor.

Initially recited by Holy Quran, Mawlana Abdur Rahman, Babu Dhiman Das recited the Gita, Bhaganda Sunand Dear Monk from the Tripitaka and William Proloy Samadar Bappi from the Bible.

Awami League office secretary Abdus Sobhan Golap read out the condolence proposal of the party. The victims were recalled in the abominable attack of August 15, including Bangabandhu and his family. Besides, four national leaders, martyrs of the Great War of Liberation, were killed in the grenade attack, the deceased Awami League leaders and their family members were recalled along with Hussein Shahid Suhrawardy. National and international celebrities are remembered. Later, a minute of silence was observed to commemorate the dead. Obaidul Quader presented the report of the General Secretary following the remarks of the convenor of the reception subcommittee, Mohammad Nasim.

The conference was adjourned till 10 am on Saturday after the Prime Minister’s speech. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will announce the new central committee for the next three years at the second council session at 10 am on the stage of the engineers’ institute in the capital. At the end of the inauguration ceremony, around 50,000 leaders and invited guests were taken to lunch.

Referring to the country being in power for the third term drawn, the Prime Minister said, 2009 to 2019 Awami League in power. Bangladesh has been around for a decade. The income per capita of the people of Bangladesh has increased, and the poverty rate has been reduced to 20.5. Today, we have grown up in a developing country that the nation’s father left behind. It has to hold on. Our goal is to move forward.

After criticizing the BNP-Jamaat alliance for five years of mismanagement and vandal fire-destruction in the opposition, the Prime Minister said that the BNP was born out of power over the illegally occupying power. This BNP terrorizes while in power, even in opposition. The BNP cannot do any good for the country. The BNP-Jamaat alliance government was in power from 2001 to 2006. In their time, this country was championed five or five times in corruption. Terrorism, militancy, grenade-bombing, the killing of two parliamentarians, inhuman torture of thousands of our leaders have left nothing.

Sheikh Hasina said the BNP had formed an alliance with those who committed genocide, war criminals. And their task was terror. BNP terrorizes while in power, even in opposition. However, the most egregious was the fire terror. They have killed more than five hundred people in the fire. Thousands of people were injured. Ruined many people’s lives. And that’s why people responded to the elections. The BNP forgets that they had won only 29 seats in the 2009 polls. No one could say anything about that election. The next one they boycotted. In another election (the last eleventh national election), they traded the nomination by nominating three, four candidates in the same seat. But never really elected.

Referring to the subsequent context of assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman the father of the nation  in 1975, the Awami League president said, “Politics was nothing new to me.” I used to do politics from school. I used to march to the top of the wall, join the movement. I was involved in politics in college life, was elected VP in college. I have also been active in Dhaka University but never thought that I should take the responsibility of Awami League, such a large organization, I can take such a big responsibility. In an emotional voice, Sheikh Hasina said, “I have lost my parents in 75.”

Six years did not allow me to come to the country illegally occupying power Ziaur Rahman. Refugee, we were two sisters. In my absence, Awami League elected me the president in 1981. The people’s response to that decision was the Awami League. That is why I returned to the country at the call of the leaders. Referring to the animosity of the time, Bangabandhu’s daughter said, “I returned home to strengthen the party in a hostile environment, to release the murderers of Bangabandhu to justice, to reward them with jobs in the embassy, ​​to give war criminals and freedom fighters, to serve the president of Bangabandhu’s murderers.” At that time, the Awami League was a bracket prisoner. The team has been broken, and I have rebuilt. The Awami League has become the largest and most powerful organization in the country today, ignoring hundreds of obstacles, conspiracies.

Referring to the fact that Bangladesh would become a more developed and prosperous country long before the father of the nation survived, the Prime Minister said that after killing the father of the nation at the age of five, the country was pushed away from the consciousness of the War of Liberation. At that time Ziaur Rahman was the army chief. In violation of the constitution, he declared himself president, stopped the trial of those involved in the murder of the father of the nation, tried to take the country as far away as possible from the spirit of the liberation war. That continuation lasted 21 years. Then in 1996, the Awami League came to power and brought the country back to the path of the liberation war. Then again the people of the country started to get something.

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