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People do not save dreams, dreams save lives

  • Update Time : Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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People do not save dreams, dreams save lives
People do not save dreams, dreams save lives

People have only dreams, ambitions; There is failure, there is frustration. The wise say that man is as big as his dream. Whose dream is bigger, he becomes bigger as a human being. Twenty-first-century enthusiastic young men and women have already proven that man is not as big as his dreams; If one wishes, a man can surpass his dream, that is, even bigger than the dream.

The biggest examples we can take as examples are world winners Hafiz Nazmus Shakib and Hafiz Tariqul Islam, Everest victor Musa Ibrahim, MA Muhith, Nishat Majumder and Wasfia Nazneen, culinary artist Tommy Mia and trusted all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan.

They all come from middle class families; But with hard work, patience and skill, they have been able to establish themselves in the society, dreamy young people have become known as idols. The path to their success was not smooth. Many sacrificial and persistent crops are the gold deer called success or success.

They did not break down or give up due to the dangerous environment and failure. No doubt, hesitation and confusion could not distract them from their dreams. A traveler who knows where his destination is, he never loses the way. Time to reach the desired destination can vary; It is natural to vary across fields.

Many do not accept this variation of time. As a result, timeless dreams of the ignorant dreamers are broken. Again, illusions of reality are also one of the reasons for failure. And failure is the origin of the disorder called depression. The reality is to dream and to act accordingly.

In this regard, Dr. APJ Abul Kalam’s famous quote is not a dream that you sleep; The dream is one that does not allow you to sleep. Dreamers of the netizens / dotcom world wake up all night and sleep and wake up during the day. So it’s not just a dream. The dream has to become a reality. That is why hard work and strong conviction and morale are required.

We have to remember, failure is only a ladder to reach the desired destination. Success does not come without failure; it is never sustainable in Calavadre. Failure, disappointment, sorrow, distress, grief and calamity are the normal and ongoing aspects of human life. In the midst of all this, the Lord Almighty has hidden some of the most beneficial and instructive things.

Lack of proper religious education and realistic knowledge that we cannot grasp. In many cases I do not even try to understand. In the great book Al-Qur’an, numerous people including Hazrat Ayub (AS), Hazrat Yusuf (AS), Hazrat Hazrat (AS), Ibrahim (AS), Hazrat Achia (AS), Hazrat Maryam (AS) and Hazrat Isa (AS). This is a unique example of the life of the Prophet.

In this continuum, the lives of successful and famous people irrespective of caste, creed and religion were borne by him. This is why wise people place emphasis on the study of the lives of successful and famous people. Real religious and realistic education and a friendly family structure are the only ways to solve these problems.

Suicide or drug addiction is not a solution to any problem, but rather creates a problem. You have to be patient in all areas of life and create a mentality to accept reality. There is no point in killing your dreams by suicide or drug abuse. Real dreams never push people to destruction; Can’t give

In the words of Brian Dyson, dreaming is not the only goal in life. Therefore, do not abandon the dream, but carry on with the dream. Life without dreams is meaningless. Despite hundreds of thousands of failures and a calamitous environment, dreamers never lose or disappoint or be destroyed. Rather, in the midst of failure or defeat, the Phoenix seeks inspiration for survival.
Which leads him to the desired dream fulfillment. We must remember that failure or defeat does not mean being destroyed or destroyed; Rather, go one step further at certain goals. As we all know, human beings are the best creatures of creation. God created this beautiful earth for us. Animal-like behavior does not obey us.

One should work selflessly for the welfare of the next, not just thinking about one’s own gains. It is known as one of the tonics of success of successful people in the world. Those who think of their own happiness and self-interest are, in fact, selfish. No welfare of humanity has been done by them, nor will they.

The success of Dotcom World’s visionary youth means making a lot of money and earning demographics. Again, success for many means good results, good results means good jobs, good jobs means good pay. In this case, policy, morality and values ​​do not matter.

It can be said that this highly sophisticated concept of the corporate world is devastating the new generation of invaluable resources in the state. As a result, the society and the state could not enjoy the benefits of general and religious education and there was a decline in values ​​everywhere from family to state. Damage is the strong bond of our traditional relationships.

We need money, there is no chance of denying the confession of money. Because our dreams / dreams revolve around money. It does not mean that money is the root of all happiness or that money is the only measure of success. Again, it should not be said that money is the root of all worthlessness.

God created all human beings with certain qualities. Through the study of knowledge, people try to discover their own qualities. But most people are not at all aware of their abilities or abilities. As a result, hostility and jealousy became the nest in his mind. He cannot accept the success or achievement of others as a failure. The fragile family and social system and the demoralizing job-oriented education system are largely responsible for this.

I would tell the dream generation of the country’s most valuable asset, think about it yourself. Try to understand your importance. Learn to value yourself. Be positive and have a liberal outlook. Avoid conscientious emotions and supernatural dreams, save the courage and strength to accept reality. Learn to love yourself. Strive to adhere to family, social and religious discipline.

Prioritize ethics and values ​​in achieving education. Take the truthful and honest courage as a friend. In all walks of life, honesty, truthfulness, loyalty, mutual respect and sacrifice, and uprightness take precedence. O Fighter Soldier of the New Day, obey the things above in life, the chain of failure or frustration will never be able to control you. You will succeed, euphoria will catch you willingly. In-Sha-Allah.

First of all, do not bury your dreams and dreams by destroying yourself with your hands. You have to live Your dream will give you the courage and inspiration to live in this seemingly beautiful world, give you immortality. There is no death like Kirttiman, not even death in dreams. And if a dream breaks or a dream dies, that dream is not a dream, but a nightmare; Dream is not death, death cannot be. People do not live the dream; In fact, dreams save people.

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