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Love in Boston

  • Update Time : Wednesday, December 25, 2019
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Nandini’s got a great job offer from Boston. Although it took about an hour and a half to get to Boston from Providence Rhode Island, his home. Yet she has accepted many job offers. It was the middle of the autumn when Nandini joined the new job at the moment when nature had dressed in such beauty. His office was a ten-minute walk from Boston’s South Station train terminal. New cities, new offices, new colleagues. In the office, various project people worked as contractors of different companies.

Shortly after Nandini started working in Boston, a colleague named Azam fell on his face and started talking to Nandini. Nandini had some very brief talks with Azam for the sake of gentleness. But after being introduced, he would appear in a daily cell-like Nachor’s servant to talk to Nandini. All other office workers were Americans or immigrants from other countries. Only Azam was Pakistani, and Nandini was Indian.

Since Boston is one of the busiest metropolitan areas, car parking was quite expensive and expensive. Nandini used to come to work on the train. Meanwhile, Azam used to drive to the office, because if he came by train or bus, Azam’s home would take him about two hours from Concord New Hampshire. But he can actually get to the office within an hour and a half of driving. As the days go by, the closeness of Nandini and Azam grows. After they arrive at the office, they take breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee together. Shortly after their introduction, the office closed on a holiday. For that, Nandini and Azam have not met or talked for four days. Nandini misses Azam a lot during this four-day vacation. But due to the environment and circumstances of the house, Azam could not communicate. Nandini eagerly waits for when the holiday will end, when she arrives on Monday, she will go to the office and meet Azam. Finally, all the waiting came to an end on Monday. After Nandini came to the office, Azam texted him to say his mind.

After Azam came to the office, he asked what you meant to hear. Nandini then smiled and said, “You know I missed you so much in the last four days on this holiday.” I don’t know why this happened. But I couldn’t think of anything else without thinking of you constantly. On hearing this, Azam replied quite naturally, ‘filings and mutuals’. When Nandini was going home by train on the day after work, she kept thinking a lot. What happened today, what did Azam answer him. What does ‘filings and mutuals’ mean again. Did she miss me too? Because so many days Nandini has started to love Azam in his heart. Did Azam love him? If not on a bus, why is he passing so much time with me? Nandini returned home that day with a lot of thoughts. He spent the night in a lot of trouble.

After coming to the office the next morning, Nandini looked intently and tried to understand the depth of their relationship. But Azam’s conduct towards Nandini is so profound that it cannot happen without a boyfriend-lover relationship. Nandini was already aware of the costumes and decorations. Now, more and more attention has been given to clothing, new love. Their office was in the middle, on the one side was the South Station Terminal and on the other side was the famous Fenwill Hall Marketplace. Wherever they walked, they often spent time together in the shops and restaurants in the neighborhood.

The month of February came to see. And with it the real Valentine’s Day. They spent most of the day together at the Feuille Hall Marketplace, quickly completing office work that day to celebrate this love day together. Azam bought a diamond ring from Nandini at a jewelry store there. And Nandini gave Azam a watch. Then that evening they had a romantic dinner at a restaurant there. At that dinner, Azam Diamond’s ring was worn by Nandini. And he kissed Nandini’s forehead and expressed his love.

A few days later, in the middle of March, we had Azam’s birthday on a weekend. Nandini appeared at Azam’s house with some roses and a cake to give her a surprise birthday party. Although Azam’s mother did not take the matter simply. That night, Azam’s mother comes to her room to talk to her son. Mother tells her, ‘Azam, I have been watching all this, for the last two years, I have been giving you pressure to get married. But you’ve been asking me for some time, to be a little more stable. But I did not like your conduct with the office staff. Office colleagues will be in the office. Why at home there is no need for more relationships than need. These are not exactly good for me. I don’t want to offend you by asking about the depth of your relationship with Nandini. You give me a ticket, I want to go to Karachi next week and I want to finish your wedding as soon as possible by finding a well-educated girl there for you. I hope you understand me. ‘

Azam’s mother goes on to say, ‘Father, you are not just my eldest son, the entire dignity of your grandparents depends on you. Father, we have family, there is society, and you will not do anything for which we are bowed down. You swear to me you will never have any kind of relationship with Nandini. ‘

After the talk, Mama left Azam’s room. Azam started to cry and burst into tears with so much pain in his chest, he was very upset. I keep thinking about why I went to do this. Why I love Nandini so much. What will I do now Why does God allow this to happen, because that Nandini is from other countries and other religions? What do I do now

In the adjoining room, Azam’s sister comes to her brother’s room to hear his cry. Asking, “Brother, mother told you something?” She hugs her sister and starts crying, ‘Why did I go to love Nandini? What do I do now? ‘

Sister says brother, Nandini so cute and Lakshmi a girl, what can be good or base? Do not upset brother, try to control yourself. You know very well that our family does not have the freedom to fall in love with her. You explain the whole thing to Nandini, I hope she understands. It may not be easy at first. But over time, maybe.

After going to the office on Monday, Azam took Nandini out and hugged Nandini there and he started crying. Then Nandini tells her mother about the whole thing. Nandini was silent for a while after hearing about Azam. Then he said, ‘Look, Azam, I am aware of everything – our social system and family responsibilities. About a decade ago, my older brother came to America to study in Student Visa. They sponsored him from the company where he did his internship while he was studying and he got a green card from there. But in the last year of her Masters, she meets and loves an American girl named Cynthia. Their love was so deep that they got married. To this day, my brother has not been left out of all duties towards the world. But today, after so many years, my parents simply couldn’t accept their marriage. ‘

Nandini used to say to Azam, ‘I understand your point. You will do what is good for your mother and your family, and that is what I want. I don’t want them to lose their lives for the love of both of us. I love you, you are the person I love. I have come to realize that life can be so beautiful. I will love you all my life But there is no such thing that you must get. You’re good, always happy – that’s what I crave. ‘

On hearing these words from Nandini, Azam hugged Nandini and kissed her on the forehead. While working in the same office with Nandini, Azam requested his company to stay away from Nandini, to transfer him from that office to elsewhere. After some time Azam was transferred, while Nandini started his Ph.D. to keep himself busy.

Life goes on, at its own pace, in this crooked way of life, many people meet, get acquainted, have relationships, and become in love with someone. That’s how Nandini met Azam on the way, either identity or their love. Nandini never knew that she would meet someone at the Boston train station who would turn her life around. But in the difficult and difficult reality of the situation, they have to be different from each other. And that’s where their love affair ends. Their love of Boston, both of them have lived in their chest all their lives. Azam will never forget Nandini, the soft touch of her gentle hand in Nandini’s soft smile that morning. Her highlighted hair, and the aroma of her body perfume.

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